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Hi all,

I am looking for a reliable and honest cleaner to take care of my flat 2 times per week. I was wondering whether any of you can recommend a local one (N4) or one that is available to work in this area. If yes, please drop me a line on candida_barbato@yahoo.it with her contact details

Thank you in advance

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Candida - just did a search (top right) on "cleaner" & it seems that many people have tried but few have succeeded in getting a cleaner recommendation - there was this post recommending a good cleaner supply company.
Hi, I have a very good cleaner called Camilla and her husband is also a cleaner. They may have time if you are interested. She is from Brazil and very reliable. Let me know if you are interested
I think, given the number of requests on the site, people would be interested. If CAmilla and her husband want it, do feel free to add their phone number here.
Great. Camilla's number is 07515365591
HI Both,

In the meantime I have arranged an appointment with a lady recommended to me by someone else tomorrow. I will call Camilla if this does not work. The idea of the cleaning company wasn't bad either (slightly more expensive though)

Thanks a lot for your help.
I tried a couple of month to find a reliable cleaner and had no luck.
Thanks very much for the phone number - will def. try!

Hi there, I have a great cleaner called Nassima, can give you her number if the other suggestions here don't work out, Ruth
Hi there,
tried to get in touch with Camilla without success. So still looking for this reliable cleaner. Would be great to get number for Nassima.
Thanks a million, Kris
Nassima can be contacted on 07533423881, I'll let her know you may be in touch



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