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Photos of the Steel Yard event from 26th May. Photos of the battered Bandstand Field on 3rd June 2019 (Flickr photos embedded below - click image to go to Flick album).

2019 events in Finsbury Park

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Think we have very different views of battered. The ground still looks perfectly stable and the grass will regrow very quickly. You would hardly notice in a couple of weeks

That's true as in a couple of weeks they'll be setting up for the Community festival so you won't be able to see it at all.

I agree completely.  In fact, I can't remember ever seeing that area so completely devoid of litter.  Well done to the Parks Team and Steel Yard for an excellent clean up job.

Hi Martin, 

Do you know anything about the dog poo bins being removed from Down Lane Park?


'Bandstand Field' sums it up, when was it last used for that? Perhaps we need to move with the times.

Hello Martin, did you manage to capture any shots of all the work being done by the parks team this week on pruning, grass cutting, litter picking, path resurfacing etc? They are doing a great job - the park is already looking much better this year overall thanks to investment of the events income. There's more to come including the 150th anniversary celebrations and the £500k renewal and expansion of the children's playground.

the only reason the park team are litter picking and improving the park is thanks to the Friends of Finsbury Park - the council has had money from concerts for several years now, and only spent the bare minimum on Finsbury Park, the rest of the money being used elsewhere.  Thanks to the Friends, there is now a ruling that all money raised by events being held in the park is to be spent on the park, so at long last there are staff to pick up litter! 

Well, Finsbury Park, and Freinds of, are going to have access to a hugely wealthy fund in a couple of years. I'm sure the park will be amazing. Replanting of all the Victorian flower beds, replacing some tree avenues, tennis courts, basket ball courts, resurfacing the road (although I think it would be nicer in a fine gravel) . It'll have one of the finest children's play areas in north London, a full complement of park staff back at Victorian levels and the lake will be a haven of wildlife, no doubt!.

I wonder if after all that is sorted out (10 to 20 years I'm assuming) the 'friends of' will allow a few pennies in the form of grants to other  parks and green spaces in haringey (not Islington or Hackney) which I think will be sad dry abandoned dust bowls by then. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Haringey has used the park as a cash cow to pay for every green space in the borough (that is the truth) to the deteriment of the Finsbury Park, but having grabbed all the proceeds, I really don't expect to feel the love for the rest of the borough from the friends. 

A cinical perspective, I know. Maybe I'll be proved wrong.

I think the point is - if all the income from FP events goes to FP, then perhaps it can be run with fewer damaging and disruptive events.

To the detriment of all other green spaces in haringey that aren't attractive enough to event organisers or large enough to put on events that can pay for the upkeep of themselves or smaller green spaces.

I'm not saying that 'The Freinds' are wrong but I don't think they're, as an organisation, totally haringey. A bit like that area forum that wants to annex the park that are based in Islington. 

Just saying, not judging, particularly.

Sorry to disappoint but grass is very resilient - bit of sun, bit of rain, you'll find it grows back perfectly happily.

Was there tonight. There are large patches where there is simply no grass left. It will not regrow and will require re-turfing. That, in turn, requires barriers which are unsightly and prolongs the period when that area is out of use. For many people in flats and social housing Finsbury Park is the only green space they have. It's wrong that for much of our relatively short summers the park is effectively ruined.



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