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A Period Home can be Eco-Friendly: 6 ways to make your home more sustainable in 2018

An attractive period home can easily be made more ‘Eco-Friendly’ without losing its character.  There are many ways to upgrade your home as part of a renovation project but you can also invest during the general maintenance of your property.

Here are five of our favourite ideas:

1 – Underfloor Heating.  If you are planning a ground floor extension, now is the time to consider installing underfloor heating. It is also great for bathrooms as well, warming the room from the ground up results in a constant temperature across the room. It runs at a much lower temperature whilst achieving the same (if not higher) comfort levels, when compared to conventional radiators, thus using less energy.  

Wasting energy is expensive; overheating by just 1% can increase fuel costs by 8%’ The Carbon Trust. For more information click here.

2 – Insulate your loft.  If you are planning a loft conversion to add additional living space to your home, also consider upgrading your insulation. Even if you are not planning a loft conversion, an investment to insulate your loft space is essential. The typical cost, of a few hundred pounds, will usually pay for itself within two years based on savings to energy bills.

‘A quarter of heat is lost through the roof in an uninsulated home’ The Energy Saving Trust. For more information click here.

3 – Upgrade your Boiler. Older boilers can be highly inefficient compared with the latest models.  You should consider an upgrade if your boiler is over 10 years old.  It could tie in with your underfloor heating and new extension, talk to your design team. 

‘Heating accounts for about 60 per cent of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference.’ The Energy Saving Trust. For more information click here.

4 – Upgrade your Windows. Victorian or Edwardian houses are likely to have single glazed sash windows. Double glazing does not have to be ugly; great replica sash replacements are available.  Planning permission maybe required, speak to your design team.  Should you get timber or UPVC double glazed windows?  Due to the better aesthetics, being easier to repair and more environmentally friendly to produce, timber gets SJA's vote, where it is practical.  

‘Energy efficient glazing helps reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills’ The Energy Saving Trust. Click here for more information including the latest estimated cost and energy savings for upgrading single to double glazed windows.

5 – Solar Panels.  Particularly if you have a large, south-facing roof it is worth speaking to your design team about the opportunity to add solar panels. In addition to the savings on your electricity bill, you'll get paid under the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme for generating your own electricity.  

‘The idea behind FIT is that, as solar PV takes off, the cost will drop. And this is why the rate of the FIT is decreasing over time, to compensate for the falling cost of solar systems’ Sarah Ingrams, Which? For more information click here.

SJA is passionate about sustainable architecture and sustainable building practices.  In every project we seek exciting and innovative ways to use new technologies and ideas.  

Contact us today on 020 7228 8522 or info@stuartjamesassociates.co.uk – we would be delighted to discuss your project! #dontmoveimprove

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