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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I'll let this little masterpiece speak for itself.


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Where is the Pearl and Dean intro music?

My thoughts exactly. Local cinema 1972 made with 21st century tech.

There's a bunch of even cheesier ones on YouTube (I spoke to one of the traders about these a few years back. Apparently a small comnpany went down Green Lanes and gave the hard sell at £100 a pop.)


"Glamour, elegance and unique taste."

Yup, that's me.

I thought that was all Haringey councillors, Alan.

I want facial hair like that!

Yayla goes for Bergman vibe. Long silences, moody kebabs gazing into middle distance, angst. Coke cans turn their faces to the wall. Life is so meaningless.

Devran goes Woody Allen: nerdy city boy dates gorgeous woman, bores her rigid, runs out of things to say.

Now that's the type of critique we needed! Thanks Kit.

Thank God Bergman didn't have all those whizzy transitions to play with.
Well now that I've found "the right place", all I have to do is find "the right person". Hugh, how yer fixed?

What, doesn't David Browne know he must speak Turkish in Gokyuzu?

How much did our celeb councillors pay for their meal?  An FOI matter?

And isn't it time Hugo's Come Wine with ME got the Pearl & Dean treatment?

Amazing ;)

I've been to Devran quite a number of times and the food is always excellent.   I wouldn't call it romantic however, but maybe you were being sarcarstic!!



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