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Hello, can anyone recommend an local accountant for a newly self employed person?

Any advice appreciated



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I'm a self employed writer...and also rent out a property, so not sure that would fit? Thanks for the suggestion regardless



Hes my accountant and I found him on HOL



Terry at Taxation UK. They are in Essex but I do it all via email.

I do some self employed work, also some paye and I also let out a property. I have done my own tax returns for many years. Unless you have quite a high income(ie need to register for VAT) its actually quite easy. Many people are terrified of tax returns without good reason. HMRC provide easy to read information and in my experience have been very helpful. Accountants sometimes charge quite low fees for straightforward returns, but that just means you can do it yourself. My wife went self employed a few years ago(educational consultant) and was determined to have an accountant but when she saw how easy it was she got on with it herself!

Ditto - I'm an accountant (not done tax stuff for years though) and you should be able to do  self employed income plus a bit of rental on your own. Self assessment is really intuitive and well designed compared to say the US tax return which is basically a job creation scheme for tax accountants.

Also you really need to understand your own numbers!

Main advice would be to do your tax return early ie by the October deadline don't leave it till January!

I do my tax return by mid April just to get it done. And yes, I do have nothing better to do........

Thanks for all these responses. I did do my own last year and found it relatively straight forward. But am hoping to apply for a mortgage at some point in the near future and am under the impression that your accounts need to be officially certified for lenders to consider...if anyone knows different, please let me know!

thanks again


I'd suggest that you won't go far wrong by getting on touch with David Martin, as Vix has suggested. He's professional and a nice guy. I'm sure he'll be very happy to have a chat with you ad answer your questions without any sales pressure.

Hi Hannah, I use Zek&Co Accountants, they are very nice, professional, have a lot of self-employed and ltd customers and reasonably priced.

They are on Lordship Lane, close to Wood Green, N22 5BY
If you contact them, tell them you got the number from Hande. xx

Ps. You are right about mortgage, although it is very easy to do it yourself, I think accountant is a good investment as I realized some time ago, for self-employeds like us that have hard times when it comes to mortgage, even renting from agencies.

Great, that's good to know. Thanks to everyone for the advice,




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