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I have an LED lamp that I bought from IKEA 3-4 years ago. Sadly it has failed. Which bit of the thing has failed I am not sure about, but it no longer works as required. 

Sadly IKEA (in their wisdom) do not make or sell the units any more. Worse than that, they do not make any unit that fits the driver/connection that this light uses. So I have a whole infrastructure behind cupboards etc that will need replacing because one lamp has failed.

So, I took to the internet and searched high and low. I found the same unit on sale from someone in the US. I bought what may be the last in the world, who knows. Anyway, I got it and hey ho I forgot the US unit will work on 110V, not 220/240V like here in Europe.

So. I have two questions. The driver will supply power to the (broken) lamp at 240V @ 2.5W.  The new lamp looks like it needs power at 120V @ 2.5W. 

Q1. Will the new lamp survive if I simply say sod it and connect it to the current driver, or will I fry it?

Q2. Is anyone out there competent enough to take the two apart and work out what is broken in the old unit, and perhaps take the part from the new lamp and replace to make the old one work again???

Any thoughts gratefully received.

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Is it this one?

That looks like the one...

That looks like it's mains powered and wouldn't use a transformer.

Unfortunately it is also likely that the 120V one wouldn't be compatible with your existing setup.

There's probably a reasonable chance that someone who is good at electrical stuff could fix it, particularly if they had the other one as a donor unit as I imagine the majority of it is the same. I assumed you've already tried the obvious, switching bulbs, fuses, cables, etc around.

Alternatively you could probably get another mains powered strip of a similar form factor and wire that in to your system instead.

Andrew.  Yes, that was the original plan, and hence the original post. I think the best place for this might be the folks mentioned earlier. Oh for wont of a little electronics experience and a soldering iron...

The difficulty with an alternative unit is the need to have a plug that plugs into the unit of the correct shape. I cold take the ends of the current wire, but that brings me slightly back to the same problem of doing so in a way that is safe and the need for the right kit to do so...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts.



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