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Further to my previous posting about air pollution being implicated in the death of a child in South London being, Ella's mother, Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, writes in the Guardian about her fight for answers.

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The pollution on Monday was literally breathtaking. The mayor is trying to jump on black cabs for idling, which is illegal and they are pushing back. The fact that a vehicle's exhaust is right at the back when it would be more efficient to have it closer to the driver tells you all you need to know about how poisonous internal combustion engines are.

It's not the engine, it's the fuel.

splitting hairs - i know, but true none the less.

Bit of both. It's possible to burn diesel very cleanly depending on driver behaviour and engine tuning.

Yesterday I walked past the cab rank at St Pancras and someone had chalked a few games of tic tac toe on the traffic island. I was horrified to think of children playing with their heads right at exhaust level next to a line of idling cabs.... And almost none of them switch their engines off, I walk past nearly every day.

Last year, I had some appointments at UCH and because of timings it was only feasible to drive and park in Euston Station's underground car park. The only way out of the car park is via the taxi rank, which is essentially a large concrete box full of taxi drivers running their engines to keep the heating on (it was winter). It felt revolting to have to walk through, breathing in concentrated exhaust fumes, especially since I was dashing past lots of signage saying 'switch off your engines'. The first time I spoke to a member of station staff, who clearly didn't give a crap. No point in rules if no-one's enforcing.

I wish something would be done about the pollution in our area but council seem never to prioritise this problem. One of the worst things about Harringay for me.

Big Joke is that Haringey Schools All have Parking restrictions During School Times.                                         Yet aware that they are not Enforced

I live meters from Noel Park School. Where many even double Park. And keep engines running Summer for Air condition / Winter for Heat

Seen TV Report where some Schools have put in Plant pots with plants that Counter passing Traffic Fumes.    Not in Haringey, that I am aware of .

Could the school not print some simple flyers in a few languages and hand them to he parents who are sitting in the cats with the engines running? Sure, it shouldn't be the role of headmasters/headmistresses to police the behaviour of parents but they do have a duty of care to keep the children safe on school premises and if they did it in a friendly non-confrontational way it should have a positive impact.



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