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Hello everyone,

I want to share with you what's been going on behind the scenes since the start of Harringay Market.

Since week 2 a few of my producers have been threatened by Chris Elder and his CCFM, the organisers of Alexandra Palace Farmers Market. These traders have been running a stall on both markets.

If these people continued to run a stall on Harringay Market, he would remove them from all his markets.

For the producers it's obviously a big deal. CCFM run markets accross London and for a suffering business to hear that you're in danger of losing your main income it's very hard to continue doing Harringay Market.

I've tried convincing most of them, and I'm happy that some of them stayed and didn't let mr. Elder rule their business, but today it happened again.

I'd secured a deal with a great poultry farmer, who was very excited to become part of our market. However he emailed me today to cancel, cause mr. Elder had threatened them yesterday.

They need Ally Pally as they're unsure about how much income they'll make on Harringay Market, because we are still building the market.

I can understand their concern, I couldn't convince them in the end to come, so mr Elder won and I burst into tears.

My focus is the local community, the market is not a money making business, I can't say the same about the intentions of CCFM. I always thought that CCFM, who run farmers markets in and beyond London, were about supporting farmers and traders.

It's very hard for me to know who does his market and who doesn't. I think mr Elder might be under the impression that I go to scout his traders on his markets. But the list for the traders on London Farmers Market can be found online and doesn't ever mention anyone being on Ally Pally market.

If this continues then there might not be enough produce traders left for me to add to our market, which would threaten its future.

I wanted to explain this to everyone cause I've been reading through the surveys and people want more produce, meat etc. However I'm fighting against the big CCFM who have enough money and for me some things are impossible to achieve.

Once again I thank you for your support and please reward my traders by supporting them and show them that their choice to stay on Harringay Market is worth while.



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As the market is in the Tottenham Constituency, David Lammy MP may be able to help.

Secondly, I wonder how Alexandra Palace stands as a charitable trust in relation to its trading "partners". After all, its statutory duty includes upholding: "... the Palace and to maintain the Park and Palace as a place of public resort and recreation and for other public purposes”. I'm not sure how this fits into the behaviour alleged by its commercial "partner". Especially when the first three of the Ally Pally's "Customer Service Standards" are:

  • We will go the extra mile to welcome people to Alexandra Palace.
  • We will be professional and courteous to all customers and colleagues.
  • We will treat all of our customers in a consistent and fair manner.

So maybe a call to the Chair of the Ally Pally Board may be able to resolve this courteously, consistently and fairly?

Lastly, my legal knowledge on Restraint of Trade is hopelessly out of date. Any helpful lawyers on HoL?

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

Alan your first quote is the same clause I reminded to the Charity Commission when trying to resist sale of AP in late 2006.

But even the devil can quote scripture to his purpose. On 7 July 2006, the long-time (22 years) Trust Solicitor wrote to the same Commission. He said:

"Casino use does fall within the objects of the Charity as a recreational activity".

It's not entirely clear on whose behalf this representation was made, but possibly not all of the council committee (known as the Trust Board) was aware of it, and its fairly safe to say that not all of the council knew of it.

It shows how elastic a charity's constitution can be when the trustee is a local council.

BTW, I'm pleased to inform you, if you didn't know already, that for the past several weeks, a new law firm (Bates Wells & Braithwaite) is now advising our charity's board, one that has expertise in Trust and Charity law.

If and when the £2,000,000 loss due to the Licence-to-Firoka is made up, our Trust will be in an even better shape.

where is hugh our leader in this market debate or liz????????????????????????????????????

If I were Hugh, following the whole vets thing and the threat of legal action against him, since he carries a unique legal liability for what's written on the site, I'd be staying out of this or making sure I "wasn't aware of it", for the time being, wouldn't you?

Robert I'm here and have been supporting Jessica in all sorts of ways since before the market began and continue to do so in every way I can. Jeremy's right, to an extent. I have been taking a cautious approach to this particular post for the reasons he explains. 

I'd imagine my views on the market are fairly self-evident. I think it's of huge importance for Harringay which is why I've spent so much time supporting it online and behind the scenes. Anything that threatens it saddens me.

I've been talking with Jess about the current situation for some while now and have made some connections for her to help try and find a solution. I very much hope it will be an amicable one.

As other people have already said, there would seem to be room for both markets. I'd love to see Jess and Chris find a way of working together to promote our wider area as the local food capital of North London.

I very much hope a solution can quickly be found which allows both Harringay and AP markets to thrive. As Jess knows, I stand ready to continue offering any support I can.

Oh, and PS everyone, don't tell anyone I said so, but it's Jessica's Birthday tomorrow.........

That is horrible Jessica. Do let us know if there is anything you think we all could do that might help...emailing Mr Elder (no relation of mine BTW) or boycotting CCFM or whatever else you might think of

Sounds appalling! I agree with ant, let us know if there is anything we can  do to help - we would hate to see Harringay Market be hampered by this. You are doing a fantastic job BTW.

I am seeing a 'Market boss slam's rival's 'mobster' tactics headline here!

One of the regulars on here is a sub on the Guardian, maybe she has come contacts in the standard.

Gather the hard evidence on this. Get it in writing. 

I thought there was evidence. If I'd written something like this about local politicians and their tactics someone would be onto Hugh saying that it was potentially libellous and it would be duly taken down.

Nothing I've seen above appears to me to be malicious or untrue (the test for libel).

As you may know John, I had a piece about a local politician deleted on the grounds that it might have been libellous (evidence for the claim existed in the form of the Walklate Report (#1).

Following a formal Complaint to the council about this councilor, and an investigation that was unreasonably protracted, and a two-day Hearing, this Member was Found to have Brought the Council into Disrepute and he was suspended for four months.

I believe that represented vindication. After most of the facts are now in the public domain, I also believe it is astonishing that this man is still a member in good standing, of one of Britain's major political parties.

I understand a little about the law of libel and also understand the sensitivities of media owners. But free speech is one of our society's most precious attributes and the mass media (includuing HoL) is the most important part of that (also TV, radio, real newspapers - not including Haringey People).

It seems to me that, on occasion, media proprietors need to be brave and if none were ever brave, we would live in a different kind of society, one dominated by power and aggregated money: councils, corporations, governments and the rich.



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