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Hi I am looking for a reasonably ( cheap) priced amplifier to connect to my record player.

Not sure what I need for connection to work, any advice would be most appreciated.

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Hi Kenneth

It does really depend on the record player and the speakers you are using. Chances are this Lepy amp will work fine, if:

  • you are only using it for the turntable (there's only 1 input)
  • your turntable has phono outputs
  • your speakers connect via a bare wire into a clip

I got one a few years back. It's not super hi-fi quality, but for the price it's really good - LEPY 2024A Plus Amplifier - Silver/Black.

Thank you. I will have a look at this link.

A turntable, even with phono output, will not be equalised for record reproduction. You would need an amp with (confusingly) phono inputs. Phono is American for turntable as well as for the very different thing that is a phono plug or socket (sometimes named RCA).

Should have gone to Specsavers Comet

Thanks for the info.

I've got one  - and some speakers to sell too, plus some high quality connectors.   PM me if interested.

Hi Ian. What make are the amp and speakers. How many watts. How much?

Cambridge Audio A500 65 Watts per channel.  £35.  Great amp - worth checking out the reviews.   Could also give you the Eltax Monitor speakers plus cables etc for another £15.   I’m only selling because I’ve recently got a Sonos system. 

Thanks for all your help with this. My son advises that I should buy a Bluetooth sound bar with rca connection. This way I can connect my record player and other gadgets.

Thanks again.


For a "bulls £ye" you can't go wrong. But if the source is rubbish. ie the turntable. you wont get a quality sound. It all starts from the stylus. cartridge. arm. turntable. amplification. speakers.      Linked with phono/speaker cables.  

You could also add a graphic equalizer if you like to fiddle with frequencies.   

You could also also add an active subwoofer if you like a chunky sound. You wont get that out of the eltax speakers.  Good bookshelf speakers though.    

Thanks for all the info, it’s very useful as I dont really know much about the technicalities of these things.




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