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The Friends, with grant funding from Haringey Council, have sponsored local artist Ben Wilson to create a series of pictures along the length of the two sections of the Parkland Walk.

Ben's intricate paintings, created on pieces of discarded chewing gum, will reflect aspects of the history, nature and culture of the Parkland Walk environment and the community. The Nature Reserve is full of tiny natural treasures - insects, wildlife and flowers - that are easily missed as we busily pass through. Ben's miniatures encourage us to look with more care and attention and hopefully our eyes will alight not only on his paintings, but on other things we have never seen before.   

Ben will be painting his pictures within a short distance of the 17 numbered marker posts that are dotted along the path. It won't be necessary to step off the path to find them. The marker posts can also be found with the help of GoogleMap. Each marker post is marked on the map with FoPW green leaf logo. A few posts that were vandalised are currently being replaced, but the locations can be found using the map on your mobile device. If you click on the green leaf, you will get some additional nature information.

Ben has already started on the project in Muswell Hill. His first picture is near post 17 and depicts the former Muswell Hill Railway Station from an old photograph.

If you have a story about the Parkland Walk, please talk to Ben and there's a very good chance he will create a painting to reflect your tale.

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I've always liked his work, scattered on the pavements of Crouch End and Muswell Hill.



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