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OK, let the games begin! Its time for our Annual Harringay 'Christmas Tree Dumping Challenge'. The idea is not to dump your own tree, no, no, no! The rules are simple, and there are various prizes:

  • You are looking for a tree that has been dumped anywhere in Harringay, we will accept entrants from the wider Haringey and even outside the borough- for those of you of the Travelling persuasion
  • Mentions in Dispatches are earned for those finding the most randomly dumped tree- be it in terms of where or how it has been dumped
  • The main prize is offered for the very last tree verifiable dumped- yes, we might be here for some time!
  • The main rule is that you need a pic of the tree to verify a claim!

To get things started I offer up my own contribution spotted yesterday outside the Junior School on Pemberton, Thursday December 27th.

Note from Site Admin: To avoid being featured on this page - see here for the ways the Council will collect and/or recycle your tree for free

Liz, do you have a link to last year's winner?

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Haha this is going to be fun! 

I wish I had known - I saw one dumped, completely bald, a few weeks before Christmas in Hampden Road.  That must have been at least from last year...

Here's a good old dump, by the garage behind The Salisbury.

I saw that happening. The chap doing the dumping disappeared into the passageway behind the Salisbury, to the right of your picture.

Did anyone else notice that these trees have been dumped right under a fly-tipping poster ?

This is the first year we've not had free green waste collection, but someone has had the bright idea that it makes sense to allow this for free - collection from front yards still OK. Well done that someone.

This poor tree didn’t even get decorated! Green lanes near Selale. 

From my run to work yesterday (Friday). Six trees, four still wrapped. Tewkesbury Road N15.

Disabled residents of this street in Islington should stay inside, probably until May. Bin day is Thursday. These photos were taken on Friday.

Ah, as I asked here https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/christmas-tree-kerbsid... there doesn't actually seem to be any guidance on when you should and shouldn't put your trees on the street. This one's on the council I'd say.

Mine was collected on my normal bin collection day (well, Thursday instead of Wednesday because of the Christmas/New Year break) which makes sense as the recycling collection lorry does the rounds on that day



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