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Public Health England’s (PHE's) annual flu campaign has started. This year the focus is on pregnant women, parents of children aged 2-3 and adults with underlying health conditions. The campaign will be one of the first to roll out under the new ‘Help Us Help You’ brand which brings together messaging on flu, staying well in winter, NHS 111, pharmacy and extended GP hours. 

Find out more about flu here: https://tinyurl.com/yddgcge7

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Am having my first flu jab at my GP this week. 

Brava! Don’t be surprised if it gives you a bit of a sore arm for a day or two :-)

Also a useful leaflet here explaining more about the vaccines, who should have it, and why.


It’s worth noting that as well as protecting the individual having the jab the vaccination program helps to reduce the spread of flu, which in turn reduces the risk of exposure to flu for those who are vulnerable.

As a person with an underlying health condition (MS - I am on medication that depresses my immune system) I had my first flu jab this year. "Jab" is the wrong name for it, it was a tiny scratch. I am really scared of needles, if I can do it anyone can. And please do! If you don't get if free on the NHS, check whether your employer will pay. They should do given the cost of staff absence if you do get flu.



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