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Hello folks,

So I feel sure that our little corner of north London has lots of fabulous and talented designers who might be in a position to quote me for designing a website logo. If anyone's interested, please add me as a connection and we can discuss further by email.



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Hello Empyrean,

My name is Richard McBurney, I'm a graphic designer. I design logos and websites, take a look at some of my work at: www.richmcburney.co.uk

You can contact me by email: rich@richmcburney.co.uk

Many thanks


Hi, I'm a local website developer with 20 years experience in graphic design and illustration.

I've sent you a connection request.

Look forward to discussing your requirements.

Hello Empyrean

yes, me............go to


and click on logos/brands

to see some examples

my email is keith@picktondesign.co.uk

regards, Keith



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