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I couldn't find any info on gyms that do not require monthly subscription in order to be used. If anyone can recommend one good for cardio but also to have all the proper fitness hall and for one to be able to pay per visit it would be great.


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This is not fancy but offers pay as you go as well as short term passes http://www.florentiafitness.com

Was going to suggest Florentina too. It's the only pay as you go one that I know of. Nice, friendly staff.
Not a gym but check out Total Boxer in Hornsey. Some great classes, friendly vibe and great for overall fitness

If you're over 65, all LBHaringey gyms are free (off-peak ie 9-5 Mon_Fri).  This may not help you but it's not widely advertised....   The one at Tottenham Green was redone last (?) year and is now well equipped and clean.



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