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As usual nothing to google. Plans are to propose parking on one side only, and get rid of the pedestrian islands, creating an environment for greater traffic flow. I would demand speed control cameras, not many vehicles passing through obey the 20MPH speed restriction.

Stoke Newington have installed one on Green Lanes north of Manor House.

What about our children crossing to get trains from Hornsey & Harringay Stations, or those getting to South Harringay, North Harringay, Hornsey School for girls, Heartlands, or Highgate Wood.

I believe there is a  meeting tonight at:

Cyprus Kitchen
Turkish Cypriot Community Association,628-630 Green Lanes

@ 7PM, (please correct me if this is wrong.)

(Title slightly edited by Site Admin to allow this thread to serve as the general thread for the Wightman Parking consultation)

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Well true, Haringey Council are finally doing something! The fact is that an initial positive plan for Wightman has been whittled down to satisfy nobody except drivers who will now find it much easier to rat run.  

Once this goes out to consultation it will be thrown out by residents who see it for the poor deal it is and the council can breathe a sigh of relief that they don't have to address the problem after all.

Status Quo - good for drivers - rubbish for residents.

Harringay needs some strong local councillors who will stop at nothing to deliver for residents on this issue - sadly we don’t at the moment. This is a classic example of where strong local leadership is vital. Lets hope local elections in May change that. 

"There may be people who will just assume that because the Council is doing something it will be good. Perhaps you do."  I don't need to assume anything Hugh, I was at the Stakeholder Group meeting where the draft plans were presented.

Looking at the proposal from a purely personal and selfish perspective (as seems to be the norm here) it works for me as an occasional Wightman pedestrian and infrequent Wightman taxi passenger.

I think referring to people on here as selfish is wrong (and against the rules). If Harringay(Online) was full of selfish people then Wightman Rd would be even worse off as we'd just be campaigning to have our streets closed off at the passage.

Closing off the ladder streets at the passage was indeed one of the proposals, as was gating some of the roads at the north end of the ladder, shifting traffic onto neighbouring streets, and reinstating rat runs on the other side of Green Lanes.

Cyclists want to lose the traffic islands, pedestrians don't; car owning residents want an improved streetscape but don't want this to limit their own parking. Residents want businesses to sacrifice ease of access and parking for their visitors, businesses are having none of it. Net result is that any outcome which doesn't fit one of the extremes is universally opposed.

Hi Tris

If this is genuinely confusing you, I will try and explain:

I am a resident, pedestrian, cyclist and driver that uses Wightman a lot.

As a cyclist I am aware that the pinch points are very dangerous to me - but at the same time I am aware that they do slow cars down. No alternatives to slow traffic are being put in place. So this is not  a straightforward good.

As a pedestrian - the removal of the traffic barriers is bad - there will be long stretches of Wightman that will be very hard and dangerous to cross.   - the removal of the cars from the pavements is good (although as it happens, I am able bodied, don't have need to use wheelchairs or push chairs so it does not make that much difference to me  - BUT I can appreciate that current situation is ridiculous and very difficult for many pavement users. 

As a resident car driver - I am aware that the very large reduction in parking is going to cause chaos - unless they bring back the former much longer hours parking restrictions (which businesses understandably don't want).

Overall, the council have chosen an option which does not reduce the traffic on Wightman - in fact it will make traffic flow easier - it will probably increase traffic on Wightman - making cycling and walking more dangerous. All bad news for residents, pedestrians and cyclists on Wightman Road. It is good news if you just want drive through Wightman Road, though.     

You're not making sense here - you admit that the scheme is positive for pedestrians,  then conclude with a metaphor suggesting that there is evidently nothing positive about these proposals.

I suspect that the traffic on Wightman will probably get a bit faster and more free flowing with only one set of parked cars to distract.

During peak hours there are cars every 4 seconds heading in one direction and every 6 in the other. It's difficult enough to cross with the dangerous traffic islands, it'll be even worse without. At least we won't be holding the traffic up though, that's the important thing.

The suspicion was always that the council would do nothing to cut the traffic in the area (it would have given them problems when planning the Wood Green development) and that suspicion has been borne out. Haringey appears to be a particularly car-centric borough/council.

I've been following this discussion for a few days and have some rather disjointed thoughts that I'll put down here rather than reply to individuals separately. 

Full disclosure, I live on Wightman Road, have a car I use infrequently though I walk up, down and across the road pretty much everyday - usually with a large buggy and assortment of children walking.

1) I think moving parking onto the road will be beneficial for people walking on the pavement who often have to navigate round bins, rubbish and poorly parked cars. I also hope it will help visibility of pedestrians trying to cross the road.

However I worry that the removal of the islands that this would require will make crossing the road very difficult. At the moment I rarely get across the road in one go, but have to stop and wait on an island with cars whizzing by either side, to make it across the road. This doesn't look like it will be addressed.

2) The idea of the red informal crossings is terrible. they are worse than useless. Cars don't acknowledge them at all (as I have discovered on Endymion) and they might make things more dangerous as pedestrians are lulled into a false sense of security. 

3) I understand from this thread the council's argument against traffic light crossing is down to cost and lack of enough accidents to warrant it. Which seems ridiculous as it is quite literally waiting for a tragedy to happen. There are two sets of lights relatively close to each other on the North End of Wightman near Hornsey Station and Fairlands Park/ North Harringay School. But just one on the South end by Harringey Station. I would welcome another set of traffic lights for kids to cross to South Harringay School and maybe one in the middle. A few more lights might also deter the rat-runners.

If costs is an issue would a zebra crossing be cheaper to install and maintain?

4) Regarding the speed camera - or lack of them - they are only really a deterrent if people know there are there. Can't the council just paint the white dashes on the road to make people think they are there and avoid the costs of installation/ maintenance. I'm not bothers about speeders being caught as much as trying to prevent them speeding in the first place. 

There is a light that flashes up the speed limit for people entering Wightman on the North end (by Raleigh Road). I might have missed one on the South end but certainly can't recall it. I think one installed there would help. 

As enjoyable as it is to vent on here I don't think it will get to the right people. I am annoyed that I missed the meeting on the 22nd - I would have thought the council could have made Wightman residents aware - does anyone know the best email address to write to about my concerns? I can send to councillors but anyone specifically responsible for the road traffic survey?



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