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My son's iPhone (my old hand-me-down) has just died and rather than fork out for a brand new expensive one, I wondered if anyone had recently upgraded and had an old one they wanted to get rid of?

Failing that, any recommendations of a reliable, inexpensive local shop selling pre-sold phones welcome!


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 I’m in much the same position (although mine met a watery end) so will follow with interest. 

Did you try putting it in and covering it with uncooked rice? Always worked for my kids!

There's a tiny phone shop next to Harringay Green Lanes station.  They usually have phones for sale there. 

They resurrected my iphone after I'd left it soaking in the washing for 20 minutes!  So grateful to them.

Heaps on ebay

Huawei.    iphones are so last season :-)

We might have. I will have a look as probably languishing in a drawer somewhere.

Yes I have an iPhone 5S message me if you’re interested. 

CEX in Wood Green is worth a look - they also give you a years warranty



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