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We're looking at buying a terrace house in the Haringey area that has a typical flat roof over the rear bedroom/kitchen. The problem is, the ceiling in the bedroom is really low - I'm 5ft 8 and I can reach up and touch it easily. We're pretty certain it's not a false ceiling because when you look at the roof from the garden you can see it's pretty much buffering the top of the window and is a bit lower than the neighbouring property.

My question is three-fold: is it possible to raise a flat roof to increase the ceiling height, would we need planning permission, and how likely are we to get it?

We've also considered whether we could replace the flat roof (which needs repairing anyway) to a pitched roof. It would be a low one. Again, how likely are we to get planning permission?

Does anyone know? Any input gratefully received!

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As long as the house benefits from permitted development rights (i.e. Not in a conservation area etc) I don't see why you couldn't do this under PD as it's essentially a loft conversion, as long as it doesn't go higher than the main ridge of the house. If it's a terrace you can add up to 40 m3 without planning under PD. 50 m3 for detached / semis.

Don't forget Party Wall Act issues too!

That's reassuring to hear! We just don't want to make a costly mistake. And yes, fully aware of PWA as we had a scenario arise in our old place.

Thank you!

I'd suggest you ask the planners, or look at the planning portal online. Permitted development has limits other than just the ridge line which may mean you need permission.

I've had a look at the portal but our query appears too specific. Our next step was to pay for the planning advice if we didn't get any helpful feedback here.

Annee is right there are other considerations. I think an experienced builder would be able to tell you if there was any chance of proceeding under PD. If the answer was unclear then get planning advice.
Sounds like PD as previously said. You can get a certificate of lawful development so you are covered. As you seem to know.

Didn't know about the certificate, so that's helpful info. Thanks!



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