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Any recommendations for affordable venues in North London? 

I need capacity for 30 students, good wooden floor, preferably near to a tube station and with parking facilities. 

Any recommendations? 

Thanks in advance!

Sureka x

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There's a really useful directory of studios and rehearsal spaces here

I've used Omnida in Turnpike Lane, Academy Mews in Camden and the Office Studios in Camden - all of which are good and have a large studio.  None of them have parking though.  Factory Fitness is in Finsbury Park - has parking but is a bit of a hike from the tube.

Thanks Betty! That's great :-) xx

have you checked out the Langham in green lanes its used for zumba and swing it has a spung floor which is ideal for dancing.

Thanks Carla for your suggestion, will look into it! :) xx


The Community Hub Haringey has a Hall with a capacity 30-40 student space. The Centre is in Caxton Road N22, has a new wooden floor and v close to Wood green Tube and various bus routes. If you are interested write back to me on mridu@tchub.org.uk



Hello Mridu,

I would like to know if the hall is available from 7pm-9pm Mon evenings from September.

Also if there is parking space for 10 cars? Please let me know how much it would cost to hire per hour.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards


Sureka as far as I know the hall is available on Mondays in the evening. The hire charge is £85 per hr. I'll confirm this on Tuesday. If you send me an email on the Hub address I can contact you directly.

All the best 


Thanks Mridu - £85 per hour is way over my budget unfortunately! Thanks anyway, Sureka xx

It would be definitely worth checking the Langham out, they dont have hourly rates its a set fee

Thanks Carla, still looking into it. Sureka xx



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