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Anyone else had their bank contact them about attempted dodgy transactions on their account at Dominos?

Happened to me today. Also happened to a family member and some people they know recently. Suggests a common issue with a particular business on GL. Only places that could have skimmed my card recently are a particular off license, a particular coffee shop and a particular drinking establishment.

Anyone else had the same problem? 

It seems the scamsters get the card details, test it works via a Dominos online purchase (for a couple of pence) before trying a larger transaction.

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Happened to us too! The Dominos transaction went through and they tried lots of others which the bank has blocked. Can you name which off license you're thinking off?

We had this a few months ago - someone spent £183 on our card at Dominos at eight in the morning. Bank refunded it.

Just happened to me again! This time my Barclaycard. Same deal, dominos transactions. New card on way. Hopefully last time.

Yes both Richard and I have been scammed.  Barclays Bank have said that hundreds of customers are having the same problem every WEEK!!!   There is a definite link between Barclays debit card-fraudster-Dominos.

I got my card scammed the other day and I wasn't in Harringay so am not too sure about the link.


FYI my card was Nationwide visa, so it's not just about Barclays. 

According to this 2014 article, the Dominos app is particularly good for checking out stolen card details:

...the easy interface of the Domino's app provided the perfect testing tool for lists of stolen credit card numbers. Like most online shopping interfaces, the Domino's app only requires the card number and 3 digit security code.

Criminals tested newly acquired lists of stolen credit card data by ordering pizza through the app. If the order went through, the number was set aside for large-scale card fraud.

This happened to me too, at the same time - beginning of November. They took all of my wages and pushed me to my overdraft limit. I use my card in several places on Green Lanes regularly.
NickB, that's awful. I hope your bank reimbursed you. Btw, do you buy Dominos pizza? Or use Barclays Bank?

It was the same - Barclays and pizza ordering scammers. It took a few days, but yes, I got everything back. 

Have emailed the Money Box programme (BBC)

This happened to me on 12th Nov. I'm with Lloyds. Ordered a vast amount on my card at Dominos. I've ordered from Dervish but not used my card anywhere aside form there and Marie Curie shop. Could have been from earlier Green Lanes transactions? Or cash point cloning?



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