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I am crazy about about everything that is Spanish (European or Latin American) and currently am studying Spanish language.

My level is advanced now (at least that's what I was told ) . 

I live in Hornsey and would love to meet other people who are interested in learning Spanish or are native speakers and would love to make new friends:)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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I would love to but my Spanish is only Pre-intermediate so it will just annoy you ;)

Why don't you join my Spanish meet up group - it's not local but it's full of lovely people and we do loads of social events including Salsa, Flamenco, Spanish films, Tapas and Latin festivals :) 


Sureka x

Funny how I have just seen that group this morning on meet-up.

I have joined a few,but they don't have any soon upcoming events;/

I will join yours though :)

Cool! We have a theatre trip on Sunday and a Latin party next Fri :) 

You may also be interested in my Charity Salsa Party next Wednesday @ Bar Salsa. Lots of Spanish speakers and fun-loving Salseros to make friends with! Let me know if you'd like to join us and feel free to bring your friends - the more the merrier (and the more money raised for Save The Children!) x


Come to the market above Seven Sisters tube station - any day but Sunday. It's famous as one of the two centres for London Latin Americans (with the Elephant&Castle). Saturday afternoons are best, when people come from waaaay around and bring their kids who just get on with being with their mates.  Or this Sunday we have a jumble sale there, though only the Pueblito Paisa cafe will be open. If you let me know when you're coming, I'll buy you a coffee, and we can also talk about your netbook.

Oh, that would be brilliant! I can come this Saturday:))

I sent a PM request so you can send your number, just text me a time to meet.

Hi sorry, I don't think I've received it. But I din even know you name and where are you from? An aso you mentioned my net book? Do ou want m to bring it along so you can check I out?

message sent. I'm at Seven Sisters right opposite the market.



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