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Does anyone know a local Apple Mac repair service they could recommend?

I took my laptop in to Mr Dweeb in Crouch End, who charged me a lot of money and failed to fix the initial problem - when I took it back, they basically told me to get lost. Frankly I don't think they know what they're doing and their customer service ethos is totally lacking.

I'm at a loss where to turn.

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I'm sure Marek would be able to help.#

Do a search on Marek.

Hi Maddy

What exactly happens to your Mac?

Meet Marek:

Marek helped me fix a problem with my Mac ..he has also been helpful with other computer related problems. I have no hesitation in very highly recommending him.

Hi - he doesn't do hardware repairs, but for everything else, I highly recommend Michael Windsor, who is a Mac specialist: 

email michael@appleassistance.co.uk

0208 883 7710 or 07792 510 991


My iMac died (nearly 6 years  old) and I took it to the Hackney MacSmith (020 7739 6633) in Hackney Road E2 9ED.  They put a new 1TB hard drive and doubled the memory - my Mac has never been so fast.  Not cheap but they specialise in macs and they do repairs really quickly, usually 24 hours or less and are really nice to deal with.  Good lcuk

Alessandro, a super-fast upgrade for a Mac (or PeeCees, for that matter) worth considering, is a Sold State Drive – i.e. no moving parts.

Their prices have plummeted over recent years. They're still more expensive than a standard spinning hard drive – but far faster. Haven't yet done it myself but I've done some research. May be best implemented together with a hard drive, keeping one's documents on the hard drive and putting the OS and applications on the SSD for a near-instant response.

Installing an SSD may not be worth doing if one's computer (either Macintosh or PC) does not support TRIM.

I took it into The Apple Repair Station on Kinsgland Road, where a really nice man spent fifteen minutes looking it over and explaining how to import data to the new hard drive. He wouldn't charge me as there doesn't really seem to be anything wrong with it, just my anxiety. Would definitely go there again as they clearly know Macs inside out. (In fact, the shop was full of inside-out Macs, in the process of repair...) and are such nice people.



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