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Application to replace Ducketts Common cafe kiosk with a permanent structure

Was browsing the local applications and saw this, to be built directly south of the existing kiosk


Artists rendering:

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The trouble is that when people replied to the original survey where it asked if they thought a cafe in the park was a good idea, nobody realised that they would be stupid enough to site it just across from the Costa at the tube station end. The place to put it is near the basket ball courts.

That actually looks pretty good... 

Hope it includes useable Toilets

Big issue when people attend areas and have access to food and Drink

They need access to Toilets

Some people prefer to use Independents.   

Am over in Bruce Grove but don't see any reason to object to the principle of a larger cafe. I don't agree with the objections that increasing the size of the cafe will have impact on existing cafés. This is an extremely busy place having a larger and more attractive sseating area will broaden the attractivity to include peopol who just want to sit on the terrace. See cafés in Bloombury squares for great examples of cafés on greens.

Some conditions  should be imposed by Council though:

- independent operator, preferably locally based, community focussed (may already be the case?)

- sustainable development = architecture/operation/solar/waste water and refuse treatment/minimum lit up signage and light pollution. No trees should be removed or harmed by plans. Etc.

- provide several wcs, including propper disabled access, that all REMAIN AVAILABLE to public during large range of operating hours. Alarmingly, only one wc is catered for in these plans!

- move café closer to north pavement to provide direct access to wcs and for services as on Newington Green Islington.

In essence, these plans are really too unambitious to be allowed to go forward in their present form.

Good points

Why not turn the whole park into a cafe then? The council subsidise the current cafe (rent is just £7K per annum) so I see no reason why they wouldn't subsidise a bigger one. There is £105K of council money allocated for this expansion by the council, shouldn't it all go towards toilets? Perhaps it's time we had toilets using our oyster cards?

"Why not turn the whole park into a cafe then?"

This is an urban green space.There is a crying need for public toilets. Over here in BG whenever we do (resident led) community consultations, it is one of the first things that pops up. If the council is already subsidizing the cafe all the more reason to ask the operator to include and supervize these  much needed facilities, no?

The principle of a café is already accepted - it exists. The cafe has to be viable but doesn't need to negatively impact the amenity value provided by the Green. If you have looked at or been to Newington Green you can see how it is very easy to cover all the bases. It actually enhances the green. Older patrons can come and sit while they accompany their young family charges to the park, so to mum's with kids, etc, etc.



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