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Applications for four 15k-person events in Finsbury Park for TEN YEARS

The Haringey Council website states on its events page "We are not considering any other major event applications for this year" [meaning after Wireless].

However these two notices have appeared on the New River Bridge within the Endymion Road entrance to Finsbury Park.

The first concerns an event called 'Hospitality in the Park' planned for late September in, err, 2016 for 9999 people.

Of even more concern, the second talks about permission to Radioactive Clothing trading as Slammin' Events (who organise dance music festivals such as Garage Nation) for four 15k-person events annually in Finsbury Park until 2026...

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"the type of music the applicants put on, we all know it's the type that attracts the crowds you say you fear". What does that mean?
Maybe people can be excited about what these events might be!

Could we have a Highland Games with pipe band championship ?

Why doesn't anyone (or the 'friends') complain about the endless procession of Circus/Fairground things the park seems to have? Never a mention!

because they're just at one end (the busiest one by Seven Sisters Road) and don't have the same noise pollution or cutting off a large part of the park for use

I just received this email update from Friends of Finsbury Park

Wireless 2016 Update:
The Friends Issue Judicial Review Proceedings

After an unsatisfactory response from Haringey Council to our pre-action letter, we have now issued judicial review proceedings. The Council must now respond in full to all of our enquiries as quickly as possible. The response is unsatisfactory because:

The Council has made only a limited response to the detailed grounds as to why the consultation process was unlawful nor why they do not have the power to hold the Festival; one would have expected a much fuller response than the one provided.
They have not provided the documents requested i.e. a) Festival application documents in full and unredacted; b) any planning consents and c) emails etc between the Council and Wireless Festival.

The next step in the process is for the Council and Wireless to respond to the claim; we have asked for the parties to agree that this matter be expedited so that the Council and Wireless provide their evidence and summary/detailed grounds for defence at an earlier stage than usual. We have also asked that the permission stage be skipped so that the hearing of the judicial review be a combination of the permission for judicial review and the substantive judicial review at a 'rolled up hearing' and will be heard in one go. We have asked the Council and Wireless to agree to directions for the future progress of the proceedings in line with the above, but have so far heard nothing from them other than an email from the Council acknowledging receipt of the proceedings.

Although we've raised and amazing £9700 so far, we need your help more than ever to raise money for the next stage of our legal challenge, so please:

Pledge whatever you can on: www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/save-finsbury-park/
Share our page: www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/save-finsbury-park/ on Facebook and Twitter, and ask your friends to pledge and spread the word.

Forward this information to anyone you know who cares about protecting London’s parks today and for generations to come, and ask them to get involved and show their support by pledging and sharing our link.

Even in the light of a judicial review, the Council are attempting to secure yet more major events in the park. Kept very quiet from local residents, there are licensing notices up on the gates of Finsbury Park for a weekend of rave and drum & bass festivals on the 25th and 26th September with Park closures for up to two weeks. The organisers, Radioactive Clothing Ltd, are also applying for a ten year license to run four of these events per year with over 15,000 people per event. These four events would likely close large areas of the Park for up to six weeks or more.

We know parks budgets are being slashed, but if we are to secure the future of our green spaces, we must look at alternative ways to bring in income and expand our ideas to look at community based park management schemes, new partnerships and events that are more appropriate for the spaces they are in and don’t exclude local people.

These ideas will form the foundations for a better, more sustainable future for all parks. Haringey Council must realise that a new kind of approach is needed if our parks are to survive. There must be more community involvement, and a realisation that working with conservation groups like The Friends of Finsbury Park can help.

Mega music festivals such as Wireless hosted in the cramped, urban environment of Finsbury Park, will slowly take over, damaging the fabric of the Park and exclude Park users for years to come if they are allowed to continue. Yes, the Council should be looking at the potential for Finsbury Park to generate income in an era of reduced public sector cuts, but very careful planning is required to ensure there is no over commercialisation of the Park and activities. The Council must rethink what they are doing in the Park and treat it with the respect it deserves.

You can help us make a difference. If you want to be part of this, and help shape the future of Finsbury Park, please contact us now

For the latest campaign updates:

Follow us on Twitter:

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Thank you for your support,

Tom Palin

The Friends of Finsbury Park

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Our mailing address is:
The Friends of Finsbury Park
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