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This happened to one of the trees on Falkland a week or so ago. Do we have a phantom tree-tipper? (read: mindless vandal)
John where about was this? Thats terrible
Raleigh Road, opposite the 24-hour shop.
I almost took a spade out to re-plant it but then thought, if it later fell down and hurt someone, I could be sued :-S
I'm sure you already have, but please report any vandalised trees via the Report a problem form on the Haringey website. It may also be worth flagging up to SNT?

Mindless vandals is still putting it mildly.
 Snapped tree, Salisbury Road
Morons.. and John sued? ridiculous.. what a state of affairs.. ! So all the blah, blah here on HoL is worthless, if no one is prepared to do anything..? Rather take a photo than plant it back in..

And anyway, how do they expected a tree with so little rootgrowth to grow in a sea of tarmac. I'm afraid these trees are most probably destined to die as soon as the next dry spell comes along.. It needs to take it's water from just below the surface.. Therefore is a total waste of money..

It would probably help to add a hose into the ground next to the tree to enable it to be watered in dry spells.

The tree behind is established and will take it's water from deeper down , although the open earth area around that isn't really large enough either..
Steve although I agree about the tarmac (but that's another story) the council really aren't so daft that they plant these trees without an access to the roots for watering, although how often it is done is another matter and a campaign last summer was urging people to take care of their own street trees

You know, to be fair, I think John was probably half joking but the compensation culture here in the UK does make people wonder what they can and can't do. However, as was discussed in the snow threads, the suer would have to prove that it had been put back carelessly and/or with an attempt to do harm. Not sure its such a bad idea to take a photo before you do anything so as to be sure that people understand why you are doing something. If you are not sure what to do about something personally, reporting problems in your little patch, even when it gets tedious because it has to be done so often, is a good start and does help to improve areas.

Highly unfair to call it blah blah blah, Steve, we don't just talk, plenty gets done here in Harringay by people on the site especially around greening the area but as we are discussing elsewhere current systems make it a slow and frustrating process at time (again another threads worth entirely) and in the interests of openess and including people we talk about it as much as possible so people are informed. Let's not give the impression that all we ever do is scrap amongst ourselves - that does not help the cause of trying to give people a voice in the area who may not usually be included if they think they are going to get shouted out for inaction if they raise a concern over something.
Yes it was naughty of me to say blah, blah.. I was just astounded by the tree being pulled up/knocked over in the first place..

And that's great news that John has planted it again..

got a photo ? *duck and run* lol
Sorry missed out this last point when I last commented:
Liz wrote: the council really aren't so daft that they plant these trees without an access to the roots for watering
Well yes, the access that I see is certainly not enough. Not even on the established tree...
and then surrounding them with the dreaded 'T' .. what will happen in 10-15 years time (that's is of course if they survive..?) Does the tarmac have a life of less than 15 years? No, so everything will have to relaid again. That's actually the beauty of stones, they allow water through and can also be easily removed, if thoughtfully laid in the beginning. Although from what I've seen, trees in Harringay start be pruned to death after about that age!

Don't be a tree in N4/N8!
It HAS been re-planted and there IS a piece of plastic pipe to enable it to be watered.
No idea who did it :-)
ALL "the blah blah blah here on HoL" is not worthless: it demonstrates that residents care about their environment, want to maintain and to improve it and other things equal, is at least a good start. Where it does not lead to direct action, it can lead to rectification indirectly.

I suspect JohnD's post is a prime example of the kind of post hoped for when HoL started.

I'm not an expert on trees like some others, but I feel they are valuable and to be cherished. I also feel one shouldn't criticise others for not doing something that one could do oneself. Roughly how near the affected tree do you reside Stephen? Unphotoshopped photos are facts and are useful. The council cannot do it all by itself and do need help and information from residents.

There will always be setbacks to a greener, more leafy Borough. The dog mauling of young trees in Finsbury Park is an example. But we don't give up, we keep trying.
I agree with almost every word, Clive.
Except for your implied criticism of Stephen. As is very well known, he keeps a benign eye on the neighbourhood via Google Street View.

(And you even refrained from mentioning Ally Pally!)
Thanks for bringing up AP Alan, its a constant refrain ;-) Check out the Viewpoints page 18 of today's Ham & High Broadway for penetrating analysis on the slow pace of governance reform at our Trust.



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