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Thank you, Liz, for these interesting facts about the situation in England!

In Germany, no-one cares whether or not we feel good when doing things right. Preaching - yes; appreciation - none. If we do things wrong and get caught we will get fined. That's all.

I think that - not only when it comes to waste management and what individuals can contribute - the feel good factor is painfully neglected. If you want someone to do something and there's nothing but wigging if they don't comply instead of rewards if they do you won't reach a thing. That's something the councils - at least over here - still have to learn.
I guess that may be true. I was talking with Matt Cuthbert about a couple of trees in Hewitt and he said that one of them - can't remember if it was the new one you mentioned or one at the bottom of the road - anyway, that one of them had be half sawn through and eventually succumbed to the wind or just the course of nature. That certainly sounds more like a deliberate attempt to destroy rather than casual vandalism.

That being the case, I wonder if the council ought to offer an opt out scheme? Perhaps just a form that says "We're planning to do some tree planting in your road, if you really don't want one outside your house, let us know". I mean it's not like they've got so many trees and nowhere to put them, Each of these is expensive and precious and ought to be planted where it stands the best chance of survival. Though nothing will save the ones that fall victim to casual vandalism like the one in John's picture above.
I was wondering the other day how one might advocate / support more front garden vegetation. I'm realistic enough not to be dreaming of Hampstead levels of greenness, But there must be a range of plants that require little more that occasional (annual? biannual?) attention that folks would be willing to plant.

- hire some hefty concrete cutting saw for the weekend to dig some front garden trenches - stick in some community purchased plants etc - imagine if we could do even just 30 or 40 gardens what a difference it wd make.............but aaah I dream.



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