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Avondale Rd - anyone have any daily parking permits to loan/sell for the south (ie. Posh) end please?

Could pay or replace in a few days (waiting on delivery of permits from Council). 

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Posh end?

Our flytippings have a certain style to them...

You adding 'posh' to your Aussie bow Osbawn? Ain't that an oxymoron :))

Happy to pay over the odds if needed.

We have some for mid-ladder? If that works zoning-wise id be  happy to sell. 

Unfortunately, that's a different zone kotkas but thank you for the offer.

Green Lanes B is the zone I'm looking to park in. This is the area commonly known as the Harringay Levels (eg. Glenwood, Avondale, Woodlands and over to Black Boy Lane).

I believe GLA are valid in the Levels and GLB

Harringay Levels sounds very posh :-)

Permits now secured. 



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