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Further investigations showed that this shop was not fly-tipping  Read page 2 below  

Caught these 2 chancers working at Baldwin’s fly tipping, in case anyone is wondering where the massive mattress and bed base at the bottom of Mattison have come from. They were dragging the stuff out from the flat next to the butchers. Utterly shameless, in broad daylight. I used to shop a fair bit at Baldwin’s and thought they were a real asset to our high street but I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. I have written to the council who I hope will take swift and decisive action.

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I've dropped them a line and offered them the chance to comment. There may (or may not) be some completely innocent explanation. 

An explanation would be most welcome. The items have now moved upstream, next to the infamous electrical box.

Just wondering if they did take you up on the opportunity to respond?

Alice. I think I made a point below that the chap running the place is not as tech savvy as some of us, and email is clearly not a preferred communication medium. I suspect he never even read the email...

Good catch. Can't see any way they could argue their way outta this. Blatant fly tipping imo. 

Should send this photo to Haringey enforcement.  Maybe they could use this evidence to gain a fine? 

I already have. Mattresses still out there - in addition to some more rubbish. I won’t be setting foot in that store again.

Why? Don't you like their meat? Do you maybe think there is some link between their meat and their fly-tipping? Do you not like the present government because they sell arms to Saudi Arabia? Can you not distinguish between different kinds of behaviour under different circumstances?

You are right. Dirty mattresses and bacon are complementary goods. Hopping around that rubbish on my way to work can’t be done on an empty stomach...

Just as I skim down I saw your point about having reported it Kotkas. What is sad is that after a full working week the mattress (and more now) is still there...

Thank you so much for reporting! I reported another business last year - council were actually quite good and phoned me to tell me they had issued a fine that had been paid.

In terms of shopping there again - that is a no from me. I won't support businesses that destroy the local area!

Good to hear if they comment... 

Yes, quite -- I mean, where do you start?



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