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Further investigations showed that this shop was not fly-tipping  Read page 2 below  

Caught these 2 chancers working at Baldwin’s fly tipping, in case anyone is wondering where the massive mattress and bed base at the bottom of Mattison have come from. They were dragging the stuff out from the flat next to the butchers. Utterly shameless, in broad daylight. I used to shop a fair bit at Baldwin’s and thought they were a real asset to our high street but I’ll be taking my business elsewhere. I have written to the council who I hope will take swift and decisive action.

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Well done for catching them on camera and reporting. As a local business that expects the support of locals, they should be ashamed for contributing to the horrible dumping ground this area has become. 

I was walking down Mattison yesterday and saw the dump of rubbish proliferating. 

I was sad that a business I used would do this  I know these guys from years of buying from them. So, I went in to have a word.  I spoke to Andy, the boss  he said it was not his rubbish. I pointed out that there were photos of his team with these materesses in hand. Andy said that the rubbish had been dumped at the bottom of the road and it was a mess so he had his boys move It so as to be less unsightly  he was actually quite annoyed and frustrated by the level of dumping, especially from the charity shop next door that sees people leaving bags of things when closed that others then rummage through and spread all over the place  

I explained to Andy  how to use the Our Haringey Ap to report it. We struggled to get beyond the set up phase as you need things like email addresses that Andy was not 100% sure about  I hope his daughter (who helps him with things like this) can help him complete the set up  in the end I reported it myself so hopefully it will get sorted soon.

I guess the moral is not to rush to judge,  don’t get me wrong I am the worst for this and it helped immensely that I am on first name terms so that I could have a level and decent conversation that is often hard to do. The key thing though is for those thinking this was their fault, it was not  I am a big believer in being good corporate neighbours and that the traders need to take responsibility for their impact on the high street (it ticks me off to see some of them littering) . In this case I think we may have Baldwin’s wrong  

Well done, Justin. Hopefully the mods will take the thread down before it trashes the reputation of a local business any further.

Hi - I am sorry, but this is inconsistent with what I saw on Saturday.

More specifically - the individuals in question actually taking the mattresses out of the doorway by the shop, and depositing them just outside. Then going back in the store. An hour later they were further upstream. I need to add that there were no mattresses earlier in the morning anywhere near the store when I went running. It’s been my experience that fly tipping happens in the small hours so I find it implausible that they were dumped mid morning in front of the store.

In that respect it has to be my word against the proprietor of Baldwin’s. I have nothing against the shop. In fact I really enjoy their product and I was quite upset to see this because I do think they are a great asset to our high street. I won’t be surprised if they had already been contacted by the council and have the alibi in question. But I don’t want to speculate. I fact - I’d be very happy being wrong. Because I want to shop there - with a clear consciousness. 

That doesn’t change what I saw, in addition to what appeared to be a large amount of household waste in the yard behind the store. 

Hugh - given the divisive nature of the issue I’d be inclined to set this to not/may be or deleting the thread altogether. The council is investigating alongside Veolia and there are a number of activities underway that will determine what goes on on the corner...

I have no doubt that what you described is what happened. Of course the shop owner/manager is going to deny that he did it, as all flytippers do. The fact is they will prob get away with it as the photo doesn't show them actually moving the items from inside the building.  Video is always tge best evidence. What annoys me is I never catch anyone Fly tipping. I could walk past an area and 10 minutes later there will be a dump. Really bugs me. 

Koktas, on the basis of ‘innocent till’ and given what Andy said to Justin, I’m comfortable with leaving things as they are for now. In the event we have any further evidence one way or the other, perhaps we can revisit it then  

Are we even sure that Baldwin’s own the flat above?

I don’t know who owns it. The council will look into the whole thing and will investigate whether that’s the case. Once again - Id be happier if I were wrong... but I know what I saw and it was the Baldwin’s staff putting stuff out on the street.

On a semi related note - looks like Google Maps have immortalised whoever happened to be dumping a mattress on that spot at another time. What are the odds?? Not sure whether I should laugh or cry...

Funny you should say that about rubbish at the back. I did not know this until Andy too me out the back and showed me, but the gates you see to the left of the wall leads not into a back yard not solely owned by Baldwins but is a small area that access the back of Baldwins the Charity Shop (and another shop I think) but also some mews buildings that have been converted into dwellings (however legitimate these are). Andy was bemoaning the fact that these dwellings are constantly dumping stuff outside in this yard and on the street. I don't know if this is the source of the problem... It certainly looked to be a squalid spot when i saw it.

I don't want to denigrate what you have said and seen here Kotkas, but equally I want to be able to take what Andy told me at face value. In fairness (if his version is correct) he did not solve the problem, mealy moved it elsewhere, so there is an element of education here as to how to deal with things like this appropriately. Hopefully I helped a little, but I will flag this with Dave Shipp who looks after this area for Haringey and it might help if he has a word with Andy and others on our high street.

Thanks, Justin. As you know, beyond an email, I wasn’t in a position to check this story out.

As I said in my original  (HOL Admin) reply, an innocent explanation. 

I’ve edited the title and the url, but in my experience it’s better to leave the thread. Otherwise people may wonder at its disappearance. 



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