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As I was passing Whymark Avenue on Saturday morning it appeared that Banksy was back! On closer inspection this quite remarkable replica was fashioned from polystyrene (even the back had been rendered to look like it had been ripped out of breezeblocks).  I guess it didn't last long though. Apparently there had been two of them earlier in the day, so now two people in the area have their very own Banksy replicas. Either that, or an auction house has picked them up and is preparing to flog them off to the highest bidder...

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It was on the news last night that it's up for auction again at 900k+ .   Someone should just vandalise it and put an end to this nonsense.

You know I was thinking something similar, but then thought that was a bit dog in the manger. I do feel aggrieved that some faceless/anonymous investment company (who will not even tell the world who they are) might make £900k from this though. The person I most feel sorry for is Banksy. Love or hate his work and approach, it seems the only person not actually making anything from his efforts is Banksy himself... Heck, even I have ripped off one of his images.

This from the BBC this morning: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-22749345

I thought a bit more about it, wondering what might be an appropriate result of all this. How about a scenario where the image sells for £900k+, and Banksy subsequently renounces its providence- "Its not one of mine mate!". It will make selling things like this for stupid money that much harder in future if buyers get stung.

Perhaps this is one of those "I'm Spartacus!" moments where I admit to doing it, bet my work is not worth £900k!!! Come on, own up, who really did it? I know you are out there...

Shouldn't feel too sorry for Banksy from a financial perspective. The money tap is there at his disposal.

Don't get me wrong Hugh, he knows what he is doing for sure. I guess he makes money some how from his work (and why not), but maybe for him it is not all about $$$. If (if) these pieces have to be removed and sold (which in itself could be seen as a form of cultural vandalism) I would just rather the money were to go to other causes other than lining to pocket of some investment company who do not even have the guts to state publicly who they are.

In the scheme of things £900k is not a massive amount, but I bet it could be well spent on that or adjoining roads to some effect (for example)!

For sure.......and I'd be happy to help too. 

More on this story. 

Apparently six identical copies were left at the site of the Banksy early yesterday. They were like the original in every respect, except they were painted on polystyrene. News is that five had been taken within hours and one was rescued by the police.

Local speculation is that Banksy supplied the copies to devalue the original graffiti.

Identical copies which devalue the exchange value of the original?

This was my reading of the famous Walter Benjamin essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. (Though I've never understood Benjamin's mystical stuff about a work of art's "presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be". )

Interesting that police "rescued" a copy. Was it a crime to take one of six copies propped against a wall? 

Even if it wasn't Banksy who left these copies, he and his pals must be having a huge laugh about this.

As Arts Editor Will Gompertz says, banksy's work has left its mark on our area with lots of other street art now popping up, which is great.

Note the rich boy in the interview (very nervous!) admitted that the banksy work had already sold in Miami. It now seems to be up for re-sale already. Too hot to handle! Love the idea of the replicas - typical Banksy reaction. Justin, he has used the tactic of renouncing the providence of a piece of work in the past, to devastating effect!

.....tch, we didn't need to wait for Gompertz to get that far!

Ha, good. When was that Matt?


Are you offering your own house and its walls to the graffiti sprayers?

Oh, what I shouldn't have tweeted out your address, Alan? Dagnabbit. Sorry.



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