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The latest train crisis bulletin has been posted on the BGORUG website as we wait to see what happens on Monday when there will be more trains in the timetable than there will be diesel trains to operate them with.


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An announcement today from TfL :

"To ensure services can continue running on the line, three existing electric 'Class 378' trains are being modified and will be used as a temporary solution until the new trains - expected almost a year ago - are ready. One will join the line next week, followed by two more between now and March when the last of the existing diesel 'Class 172' trains are released for use elsewhere in the country."

Also covered by Ham & High.

TfL have today announced that a ten year old 4-car electric train will replace the departing 2-car diesel train on Monday so the current weekday service will be maintained. A further two similar electric trains will be transferred to replace the next two 2-car diesel trains to go over the next month thus postponing the collapse of the weekday service until March. Then the weekday service will be reduced to a 30-minute frequency and the weekend service reduced further or even withdrawn.

Bombardier have promised TfL that they will fund a month's free travel for Barking - Gospel Oak passengers when their 1-year and counting late trains finally enter service. BGORUG estimates the new trains will probably be in service during May, but don't hold us to it!

Attached is the Monday - Friday diagram the 4-car Class 378 is working. Two more Class 172 diesel trains are leaving the LO fleet in mid-February and will be replaced by two further Class 378 4-car units. When the final three Class 172s go after 15 March, the weekday service will be reduced to a 30-minute interval as TfL cannot spare any more Class 378s from the other LO orbital routes. TfL have not yet decided what to do about the remaining weekend services. The weekend supplementary bus services were withdrawn a few weeks ago.

Apologies, the 4-car Class 378 Monday to Friday diagram IS now attached!


Glad they arranged the 378s. Vaguely related, I was parked at St Ann’s hospital today when 90039 passed with empty car flats for Dagenham and I nearly gave the missus a heart attack leaping out of the car to not get a photo...

so at least we know the wires work...



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