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There seems to be a healthy number of bats along the New River, on the Wightman Road section between Hornsey and Haringey stations. Does anyone know anything about which species live there, or what I can do to support them?

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Wednesday would be great. Thanks David. What time shall we meet?

If it’s ok I’ll bring S.O along too

Wednesday weather looks awful, though.

If weather permits, 8.30 at Wightman Road entrance to New River?

OK David. I'll see you there 20.30, subject to weather. 

Weather now looking promising. Fingers crossed, and all welcome.

See you there. 

Weather looking dubious. Check in an hour's time for confirmation or cancellation.

Although now finally stopped raining. Path along the Not New Not River slippery and muddy. Shall we risk it?

Sorry guys, weather forbids, I think. Tomorrow could work?

Probably wise David. I might be able to do tomorrow, but won't know until tomorrow..



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