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There seems to be a healthy number of bats along the New River, on the Wightman Road section between Hornsey and Haringey stations. Does anyone know anything about which species live there, or what I can do to support them?

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Jeanetter Stilton used to run bat walks in North London. She used to post on HoL. She's be the one to ask. 

There used to be (and probably still are) a number of other groups that organised bat walks.

Thank you, Hugh. V useful

I had one in my garden last night going round in circles catching insects

They are such lovely creatures. I think some live in the south Harringay school as I see them fly out on some evenings 

I often sit in the garden in the evening watching them dart among the trees. Amazing creatures.

We’ve had pipistrelle bats roosting in the cavity in the flat roof at the back of our house for a few years now; you can hear them crawling around and occasionally see them.  They get in and out through a broken cover to an electric extractor - which we of course never switch on. One of the neighbourhood cats used to sit underneath gazing at them as they exited in the early evening.  They are such tiny creatures (one would easily fit inside a matchbox) that I imagine many people don’t even know they are playing host to them.

I went to Wolves Lane yesterday and they were selling Bat Houses @ £15.  They are looking for volunteers by the way....The place is huge!

Thanks, Alex. WL looks v interesting, ill pop along soon. 

You might be interested in this bat walk this Friday, book here

Thanks EMC2. The Walth. Wetlands Fest this weekend is already on my agenda. This walk is a grt addition. 



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