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Beresford Road has even more motor traffic on it today than usual.

Is this something to do with Thames Water?

Or something else?

A traffic counter has been placed at the top of the road recently so London Borough of Haringey "transport planning" is up to something presumably...

I will do out and have a look at some point.

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Yep wightman road is closed for 3 weeks and Beresford is the diversion road, see here: https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/wightman-road-to-be-cl...

The road became completely jammed all the way up Beresford and backing up along Wightman a little later.

There needs to be repeated warning signs far up Wightman Road in either direction warning that the road is closed and to indicate other alternative routes otherwise the whole of Wightman Road traffic converges suddenly into side roads that are jammed solid. Today police cars with sirens and blue lights were completely stuck in the jam in Beresford with no way through or out.

...just seen the other thread on this.

It seems that currently there are road closures everywhere in this borough causing absolute chaos nearly everywhere. If it's not Thames water its someone else closing or planning to close roads all over the place. Add to this the councils needless closure of Middle lane for 2 weeks that caused traffic nightmares all over N8 it's becoming ridiculous. Wightman Rd has been closed several times over the past 2 years for various reasons, can't these companies link up and carry out their works around the same period to avoid the perpetual cycle of road closures from continuing? 



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