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hello folks- we have recently moved into the area and looking at which internet provider to sign up with. I’ve heard that Virgin are very fast but service is patchy. I’m not sure if the complaints I’ve read are typical or if the people who are happy just don’t bother writing. I’m debating between BT and Virgin Media - we live close to Green Lanes overground- and would love any thoughts. Thanks 

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It absolutely does not. They are wholly separate networks.

There's some confusion here... Virgin actually also sell traditional broadband over telephone lines too. They sell this in areas where their normal fibre network does not have coverage. If you go to their website they'll force you to enter your location for this reason.

So it is possible to buy ADSL style broadband from Virgin... it's just not very common and I'd imagine almost never in London where their fibre network is more comprehensive.

That's nothing to do with openreach's network though. They are virgin media telephone lines. 

I don't think that's accurate - the entire point of Virgin Media offering ADSL (instead of Fibre) was because they did not have service in that location. They then piggy-backed off of BT's phone lines just like all other ADSL providers do.

A quick google reveals they sold that business off to TalkTalk a while ago... so they're only offering Fibre service today I assume.

Sorry, I misunderstood - you're talking about the legacy virgin.net business. You're right that was through BT lines, but as you say, they no longer own it. As of today, any virgin media service is on their network, which is entirely separate from the openreach network.



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