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As I am sure many of you know, Wood Green is one of the worst places in the country to take a driving test, with a terribly low pass rate.

What I don't know, is where nearby isn't quite as hellish. Does anyone have any suggestions? Barnet? Hendon? 

Any help much appreciated 

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If you are over 45 and a woman, very difficult statistically.  If so, take it on an automatic car and then retake on a manual car. I took mine 9 times, some of which in Wood Green, and have never had an accident.  now 67. In fact I love the motorways.  And have witnessed some appalling driving.  I  had passed my test, almost, in Wood Green, then failed because I stopped behind a a stationary  bus near the test centre and was failed for undue hesitation due to not passing the bus.  \my driving instructor told me this was normal for older drivers.  If a younger driver failed, the parents cut up rough. So easier to fail the older driver. especially a woman.   I have never regretted learning to drive, so it is never too late! Thank you to my driving instructor.

I preferred the area around Enfield to that of Barnet, but ultimately ended up taking my test in Chingford due to a lack of test dates in either Enfield or Barnet.

Both my husband and I took our tests in WG (in the last three years, we're in our 30s) and both passed first time. My tester told me - anecdotally - that the reason for the horrendous pass rates aren't necessarily that it's harder there, but due to the diverse nature of the area that many of the applicants rock up without the language skills or knowledge of the UK driving laws to even get near passing.

If it helps, my instructor (strategically) booked me a 3.30pm slot on a Friday. That's the last slot of the day. The Great Cambridge roundabout is very snarled up - and so testers are very unlikely to take you anywhere near for fear of not making it back for the end of their shift.

Also, something to consider is definitely the proximity of your house to the test centre that you choose. So much of the test is down to how confident you are on the roads around the centre, and how well you know them - and so if you choose Barnet or Hendon you'll have to schlep out there for every lesson. If you live near WG, it might be worth just biting the bullet and booking there. 

Hope this helps!

BMurr do you still have details of your instructor please? Thanks 



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