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After nursing it along myself, it's come time for my commuter bike to get a bit of professional TLC. Can anyone recommend a good bike shop locally for a service? Preferably near public transport… I’ve previously used a place in Exmouth market, but would be easier to drop it off somewhere closer to home.  

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Harringay is in a little hole when it comes to bike shops.  

https://lbk.org.uk/ is a similar distance away to Exmouth Market, but on the 141 rather than the 341 route.  And they are the nicest people on two wheels.

Try bicycle box on Philip lane...small friendly bike shop 10 minute cycle and 15 minute bus ride from green lanes. Bus stops right outside 

Another vote for Bicycle Box on Philip Lane, the guy who runs it is great. 

HubVelo in Clapton are very good. Have also used MiCycle in Barnsbury, but nothing closer to home.  

MiCycle, just a short walk down Stapleton Hall Rd, are excellent.

Or You can try John who works from the gate building near the climbing center down from Manor House. +44 7762 270616

Not local, but I've been using HaveBike who collect your bike, service it and drop it back. They rule!

Thanks all - great suggestions. 

Philip, in Stoke Newington is a gentleman and great at fixing bikes!

Love bikes. https://goo.gl/maps/Y5wjkaBDQy82

Yes, Bicycle Box - Philip Lane. Not as much of a black hole as it used to be, here's a few more
Future Cycles - bottom of Crouch Hill, diagonally opposiite Victoria Stakes Pub

I’ve heard nothing but great things about this place from several members of my cycle club: http://ksbicycleworkshop.co.uk/

Local yes Jon at the castle green lanes excellent

Also finsbury cycles at finsbury park are great. I use then all the time



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