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Wonder who else was woken just before 4.20am by a loud but distant boom, with a very slight tremor felt. It reminded me of when the Canary Wharf bomb went off. Been on twitter, could be heard right across Herts to West and South London. Now reading that it was a sonic boom of two fighter aircraft, not to be concerned. But I think thousands of us are concerned! 

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I stayed awake till I'd saw something online with an explanation and after reading numerous suggestions on Twitter.

Thanks for posting. I wasn't sure if it was real or a dream I was having ...

That's what I was thinking till I went onto twitter and saw many people had heard it too! 

So thats why I woke up with a start...

Coincidentally (and not related to the bang) there is the NATO meeting near Watford next Wednesday with senior bods including POTUS attending. This may give rise to unusual air traffic, e.g. late yesterday evening two of the large Chinook helicopters flew nearby, presumably flying from Stansted into London.

Thanks Gordon, probably right. I heard the Chinooks, very loud. 

There was a whole row of chinooks and other helicopters yesterday afternoon flying over my allotment and making everything vibrate which prompted a rendition of Ride of the Valkyrie back at them. No doubt POTUS' helicopter will be joining the circling hordes over the 'ladder' in the week.

Skies over our heads have become  very noisy! I guess we'll have more with the POTUS coming soon.

I heard nothing!

Me too Samantha - when I’m asleep the the Band of the Coldstream Guards could hold a practice session next to my bed and I wouldn’t stir!

Election on the way, time to ramp up the fear factor. 



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