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Wonder who else was woken just before 4.20am by a loud but distant boom, with a very slight tremor felt. It reminded me of when the Canary Wharf bomb went off. Been on twitter, could be heard right across Herts to West and South London. Now reading that it was a sonic boom of two fighter aircraft, not to be concerned. But I think thousands of us are concerned! 

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I thought it was the sound of Corbyn's bubble bursting.  

Yes We have the Trump Helicopter Patrols back

Due to numbers and how low they are flying noise goes on for a while

Yesterday's was Ospreys with Rotating Props

Really winds up local Pidgeon's 

Thanks Bob for news about the copters. It's getting crowded up there in the skies! 

Bob, Caroline Pidgeon says it hasn't taken a feather out of her.

I thought the Big bang was only a theory.

I do tend to get theoretical in the pre-dawn hours OAE!!



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