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Sorry for the rant...but does anyone else find it annoying when people leave their waste bins out onto the public kerb instead of putting them back into their gardens?

We have a real problem in Pemberton road, as there are a group of houses full of bedsits (all belonging to the same landlord) that permanently leave their bins outside - number 49-51-53-55.

The bins are often overflowing with rubbish and sometimes left in the middle of the kerb (health and safety hazard?) or at the moment some have been left on the bridge, just by the river, not even in front of the house they belong to.

I have complained to the council a number of times and they said they can't do much about it, as they don't know who lives in those flats.

I personally think that the owner of those flats should be fined, as he should be ultimately responsible for his tenants. I even complained to him once in person and he said he would do something about it, but he clearly doesn't really care, as he doesn't live there.

What can be done so that the council pays attention? I am wondering if a petition from local residents would help.

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I think the guy you want is Dave Shipp of the Enforcement Team - david.shipp@haringey.gov.uk. It's worth copying in Zena Brabazon, our one active councillor at zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk

Thanks Hugh...I will give it yet another try

Don’t get fobbed off Anton.  If they’re left on the footpath all the time what really is the difference between them and any other rubbish left on the pavement?

A photo would help to back up your complaint.


I sent many pictures in my previous complaints, but as i said the council simply replied that they could not do anything about it. These houses are the same that cause a lot of fly tipping next to the river, as tenants keep moving in and out and throwing unwanted furniture next to the river. This is one of the pics i sent in my last complaint. 

I lived opposite for a few years and the same house was notorious then.

Time for all private landlords to have to register and have a License as in Walthamstow.  They should be obliged to provide proper waste facilities and take responsibility for their tenants behaviour.  Private landlords make plenty of money and can afford a small annual licensing fee.



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