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i am reposting this photo started by MD in lost and found. This cat has a nasty head wound which needs treatment. I have seen the cat twice in the last couple of days and ithe wound seems to be getting worse ... it is open with a big flap of flesh... not good. The cat lives around the Duckett’s Common end of Raleigh Rd/Willoughby Rd.  I will phone the Cat Protection people tomorrow for advice but meanwhile does anyone know who it belongs to? It is friendly and previously was in good health.

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If you or someone out there can please get the cat safe inside your home, Stokey Cats & Dogs will arrange to collect the cat from your home and take the cat to the vet as needs urgent vet treatment. (The cat can also be scanned there to check if microchipped). Stokey Cats & Dogs are also a member on HoL.

Can someone please take this cat indoors and we will collect him and take him to the vet. 

I've just been back down Raleigh Road calling for it but no joy (we don't live on that road, but back onto it). It's definitely not at 105a/b - a child in my child's class at school lives there and they've said they've seen the cat but it doesn't live there. There's a huge HMO on Willoughby Rd (no 20) that backs onto 105 Raleigh - it may be from there. But I don't know what we can do to catch it if it's nowhere to be seen. Plus we tried to pick it up when it was sat in our garden and it got spooked and ran off - we are cat lovers, have cats, so we were being ultra careful with it. It must be really hurting if Jane says it was previously friendly.

Have you called Celia Hammond Animal Trust? 020 7474 8811

  1. Unfortunately I don' t live near enough to lure the cat indoors or keep a constant lookout. I have informed the RSPCA but I don't think there is much they can do until the cat is inside... am hoping owner will take it to vet now it's Monday.

There is obviously no owner. If there was an owner the cat wouldn't be in such terrible state. Is anyone else from your neighbours able to take the cat inside? His injury is extremely painful. 

I don't know anyone who lives at that end of the road apart from the family whose child is at my child's school and they're already looking out for it. I have to work today so I can't keep a constant lookout either.


RSPCA have just been round but cat is not there. Have given their card to guy whose house it often sits outside and he will try to get it indoors.

Whoops, tapped “Like” by accident. 



I have an update. Spoke to someone else who sometimes feeds this cat and lets it stay over when the weather is cold. He has cleaned the wound and it is no longer bleeding. Hopefully I have persuaded him to take the cat to the vet but can't be sure he will. I offered to do it myself but the person is a bit suspicious ... doesn't agree with neutering , is afraid of RSPCA involvement in case they put the cat down, etc. (though says he has spent money on treatment for the cat after fights in the past). I get the impression this cat is fed by a few people as am told the original  owners moved away and left him behind. We talked about getting the cat rehomed and he said he might cooperate in the winter but for now thinks the cat should enjoy the summer outside and is not being cooperative about letting me cstch it. He is aware of the foxes and other dangers but obvs has a very different view about animal welfare. The cat is affectionate and lets me stroke his chin so I think he can be lured indoors  but unfortunately I live too far from his patch to do that. Really hope he can be helped.

Thank you for the update Jane! Well done! Is it possible for the feeder to contact Celia Hammond Animal Trust 020 7474 8811 ? This cat must see the vet asap. The wound is likely infected and he will need antibiotics. He would also benefit from the blood test. I think Celia Hammond is the best place for the cat to be treated. They might even send a volunteer to check on the cat. 

I did mention Celia Hammond but the problem is the person feeding this cat would rather go to an independent vet and pay than go to a vet who would advise neutering. I was on his doorstep for a good 20 mins trying to persuade him ... very frustating as this person knows the cat quite well and is in the best position to get him rehomed assuming he doesn't have one. I have given someone else (a few doors along from the feeder) the RSPCA contact card as the cat often sits outside their front door. I will lut a noe through the feeder's door tomorrow with the CHT details. It is certainly worth a try.



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