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i am reposting this photo started by MD in lost and found. This cat has a nasty head wound which needs treatment. I have seen the cat twice in the last couple of days and ithe wound seems to be getting worse ... it is open with a big flap of flesh... not good. The cat lives around the Duckett’s Common end of Raleigh Rd/Willoughby Rd.  I will phone the Cat Protection people tomorrow for advice but meanwhile does anyone know who it belongs to? It is friendly and previously was in good health.

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Oh dear, poor cat. You’re a good person Jane (and MD), trying to help this cat! I share your frustration and wish you lived in the road.
So this cat needs a home, vet treatment and neutering. Like you say, it appears that the cat is friendly enough to be enticed inside, so I hope that someone who lives in the area around Raleigh Rd/Willoughby Rd will be able to get the cat safe inside, (make sure windows/doors are shut), and arrange to get the cat help. (Stokey Cats & Dogs can also be contacted on here or email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com).
As everyone knows, unneutered cats don’t have a good life and have sad outcomes - fighting and fight injuries, risk of FIV, more homeless kittens being born, cat colonies, more fight injuries for other people’s cats too/vet bills. All so preventable and unnecessary.
It’s awful when someone moves away and leaves a cat behind - it’s happened to cats in our road too and we’ve helped them, got them neutered, vet treatment and homed. Fingers crossed for this cat!
Stokey Cats & Dogs also urgently need more volunteers to temporarily foster homeless cats waiting for permanent homes, so if anyone can help, please email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

Jane, where exactly are you coming across the cat? I looked for it yesterday along Willoughby and Raleigh and didn't see it. I have a cat box ready and can keep it at ours until someone from RSPCA can come and pick it up (I don't have a car to take it to a vet's myself). That wound is going to get infected if it's not treated with antibiotics soon.

I run a small rescue in North London and offered to take this cat into our care and to the vet of course if someone can take him inside so one of our volunteers can pick him up. This poor cat will end up in many troubles if left un-neutered living outside. Please let me know if you can help us by keeping the cat inside. You can send email to stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com or message me here. 

I'll message you if I'm able to get it back to ours. We're in the next street from Raleigh.

@MD - I just spoke to CHAT and they agree the cat needs to come to them asap. If you manage to take him in the carrier / indoors please do let me know and we will take him to CHAT. If there is any problem or the feeder is obstructing the rescue please do let me know as well and I will ask CHAT for help. 

Once Jane narrows down where the cat is, I'll see if I can rescue it, but if the person feeding it becomes hostile someone else will have to try.

As I said earlier if the feeder makes problems please do let me know as CHAT will help. In my understanding the feeder doesn't claim the ownership so it's a stray cat he/she is stopping from being helped. Judging from the picture, the cat is in pain and desperately needs to see a vet.  

Hi MD  

I have just sent you a connection request. Easier if we can talk on the phone. Cat usually sits between 101 and 105 Raleigh, and sometimes on flat garage roof next to 105.

Have accepted connection, will call in the morning.

poor fella, although i would def want him to go to stokey rather than rspca, as I think the rspca have their own agenda and just not sure

Stokey rescued a cat that was hanging around my garden last year, as the owner wasnt looking after it properly, and it all turned out well

It would be great if stokey could take him. He  was in his usual spot between 101 and 105 Raleigh Rd this morning Doesn't look like he has seen a vet yet.

If someone can please get the cat safe inside their home, (make sure windows/doors are shut), Stokey Cats & Dogs can then arrange to collect the cat and get the cat help. Just let us know on this post or email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com



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