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Does anyone know this cat?

He(?)'s been visiting my indoor cat behind the window since late January / early February nearly every day between Hewitt Road and Allison Road. He's also been trying to come inside and has managed it a few times. Each time he's headed straight for my cat's food.

He seems very friendly and young, but gets spooked easily. He looks healthy, so I hope he is not a stray. Would love to know his name since he visits so often. :) He also follows around my cat if I'm with him in the garden. He is quite vocal and chirps a lot to get my cat's attention.

I haven't seen him for three days now, so I admit I'm a little worried. My cat misses his friend, too.

Would love to know more about this cat. :)

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What I’ve done a few times in the past in similar situations is to catch the cat, put a cheap collar on the cat with a note on it asking the owner the owner to give me a call. I mostly wanted to check they were owned and neutered and looked after. It has worked every time for me. Good luck



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