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If we're registered at Bridge House Clinic, is there anywhere else we can go for a blood test other than St Ann's clinic??

It was something I forgot to ask the other day and nowhere is mentioned on the paper i was given.


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Can definitely get them done at The Whittington, if that helps.

Local Chemists do some blood tests too, such as cholesterol.

Whittington or North Mid. You can make an appointment at North Mid rather than queueing for hours. I'm not sure if that actually works though, I've always gone to the Laurels or the Whittington. 

I had blood tests this morning and there was mention on my letter of a clinic in Crouch End that does blood tests, but I'm afraid I can't remember the name of it.

North Mid appointments website is here: https://www.swiftqueue.co.uk/northmid_opd.php. Worked brilliantly for me, I was in and out in 5 minutes last time I went.

Thank you......!

Have you tried the Laurels Healthy Living Centre? That's affiliated with North Mid. If you get the doctor to refer you to the Whittington (different forms to North Mid) they have several community clinics but only at certain times eg every morning at the Queenswood surgery in Crouch End. 


Last time I had a blood test I went to the Laurels - got there just after 8, had to wait until past 10 for test (fasting!) and by that time there were over a hundred people waiting. I wouldn't recommend it!!

 If you do go to the Laurels the set up is very confusing!  The reception staff are there for the GP not for the phlebotomy unit and there's lots of notices up telling you not to speak to them if you are there for a blood test.  There is a slightly obscurely located poster telling you that if you're there for a blood test you need to take a ticket from the machine.  You then need to locate the machine which is hidden behind a pillar. 

Once you've taken the ticket its like a supermarket deli counter and you're meant to wait for your number to come up - however there's something wrong with the system so sometimes it skips random numbers.  I waited for an hour for 73 to come up only for it to skip from 70 to 79.  I went to talk to the receptionist who all the notices said I wasn't allowed to talk to and she told me to 'just go in anyway they don't bother looking at the tickets'.

They've always checked my blood test ticket there, they won't do the test unless you give them your ticket.

They didn't look at mine - but maybe they knew the machine was on the blink

Whittington Hospital i brilliant 5th flr



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