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I think it will be in the Cats Claws shop, quite close to where the Harringay Passage joins Turnpike Lane. More here

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Good luck with that but book reading in this parish is about as popular as Jim Davidson. 

I'm a big book reader....but money is tight and books are cheap in charity shops and free at TPL tube where I've left quite a few myself. 

So have I! I never see much there to take though unfortunately

Yes best of luck... as stated a vape shop would do much better in that part of the world, but hopefully there will be enough custom to keep this one going!

If a skate shop can succeed on Turnpike Lane, then hopefully a book shop can too (which has a very loyal following). Good luck and hope it does well.

Hoping for an opening night where I can buy all the books. Bookshops are my favourite. 

I'll come to the opening night if there's free booze? What's your security like?

I'm interested as to where you live Alan, as if you can't stand the borough so much, why live here (assuming you do) and post here so regularly?

To be fair lots of us live where we don't want to live for a variety of reasons. I live in the UK. It's not my first choice right now.

I live in the borough but will be moving out of London at some point this year. I was born in Haringey but all my family moved out decades ago and I will be following suit. Why am I getting out? High crime, expensive, noisey, dirty, frustratingly becoming more political with each passing year, take your pick but I guess mostly because I feel that most who live in London have totally lost their sense of humour :) 

Why are most of the comments about this so negative? It’s great news to have a new book shop in the area, I still miss the Big Green Bookshop. Great that this unit will be a book shop & not a vape shop, betting shop or a cash converters. I wish it all the best & look forward to visiting soon.

Hear hear



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