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I have about 30 books to give away, mostly literature / current fiction, and a couple of French books. 

Would anyone be interested in doing a book swap in Ducketts Commons over the weekend?

Could lay the books in the grass and anyone take what they want (with social distancing, obviously). 

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Same. I have done really good reads I’d happily change. Great idea!!

if no one can make it, we could create a library on a street. 

There are already a few on the ladder!

Where are the book swaps on the Ladder Lisa? I’ve been looking out for one since (presumably) the one at Turnpike Lane station stopped

I'm in not on the ladder but might be interested in this...I've a few books I've read and am more than happy to get rid of.

Im up for this! 

Have already given away a load by putting them on the street but a swap session on the common might be good!

Gonna be there....not far from me.

I cannot be there now.



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