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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Worth a watch.

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Thanks for this; lovely to see so many familiar places.

You're welcome. Looks so clean and tidy everywhere doesn't it. 

Delightful! Late 50s, I think? Trees have matured since then. Thanks for sharing this.

I seem to recall this was made in about 1961 by Hornsey Borough Council. Most of the footage would have been shot in the late 50s - some of the cars are 1959 models. They were very proud of it I recall as it was in colour which at the time was quite advanced. (I worked for the Hornsey Journal then and we did a report on it - in black and white of course!)

Superb film, so glad this footage has been saved and shared.

Dear All,

 Glad to see it is still doing the rounds. When we first came across this delightful little film, in 2016, it received nearly 10,000 hits thanks to all at Harringay and their friends and families. The curator at Film London was more than pleased. That site has many local films, including others from north London, from different eras available free to watch at your leisure. Film London owes its existence to satisfying a demand, so please take the time and have a look. Click on London Screen Archives from the link below. You may wish to browse others as well.

Regards John


Hi - Sadly the link you provided tells us the directory is being moved and is currently off line. No alternative address is yet given. 

Dear Richard,

At the top of that page is the London Screen Archives tab, cerise in colour. You can access films from there. Enjoy.

Regards John

Childhood memories I left Hornsey age 11 in 61. My mum had just died. This took me to place i went with her. Thank you. Does anyone have any Photo's of Westfield Rd Hornsey. 

Which road is shown at 19 minutes 30 seconds?

Sorry i don't know it looks before I was born.

Might it be Palace Road of Park Road?



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