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Briefly used ... box and fittings ... free to a good home ... well, to any home in fact ...


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This is one of the most nifty gadgets I have ever bought - was put off for years by the hefty price tag but finally got one last year and I think it is brilliant. Allows you to hang your clothes to dry outside without much space or a clothesline. So anyone in doubt, I personally would pounce (though interested in why you're getting rid of it!).

And before anyone jumps on me, I'm a genuine person and don't know the seller ;)

Yes please! I'll private msg you (top right hand corner of web page).

We don't have a good home but we'd like to have it please. sent you private message

What a great looking devise - we are almost at the end of some major work in our garden and wondered how we could replace our line, now we know - if for any reason it hasn't gone yet please let me know.

Now happily re-homed.

We were only joking about not having a good home

Thank you m-t!



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