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Does anyone know the logic for reducing the width of the foot bridge by harringay BR station? 

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Could it be a disabilty aid?

it is only on the flat section, not the steep parts where an additional rail might be useful!

Disability aid fitted by workmen with a cruel sense of humour?

It looks a bit like bike stands only fitted the wrong way round.
Perhaps it will seating allowing commuters to wait in comfort whilst watching the screen for updates on their customarily delayed trains...

You don't get updates. 

Also its earthed. Weird?

Probably earthed because of regulations Alice, with 25kV AC a few metres below a freestanding unearthed long length of bare metal could be dangerous, especially in damp air.

Saw this yesterday. Very odd.

Railings like these were installed on the pedestrian railway bridge in  Welwyn Garden City up until a few months ago. Only removed when the bridge was strengthened with additional props. So does Harringay Bridge need strengthening? 

That's my impression. Otherwise it's the most bonkers contraption I've seen in Harringay so far!

The issue will be corrosion below the deck. I noticed on Friday parts had been resurfaced I presume to stop water ingress to the underside. Any sign of cold and they lob salt all over it. 



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