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Was in the clinic making an appointment earlier.  The receptionist asked what it was for so I replied "women's stuff". She kept asking for more details while another person is stood right next to me filling a form in!

Why on earth does the receptionist need to write-down such details?? 

I said nothing more.

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Possibly the most operationally incompetent medical practice I have seen in my 15 years in London/UK. We transitioned to Heron and couldn't be happier. 

I had this at Morum House medical practice. Reception staff wanting to know what your issues are. I used to refuse them as that is private between the patient and doctor. They wouldn't listen and now I'm a patient at a different surgery that is brilliant.  MH is currently under special measures I've heard. 

Bridge House is dreadful. I left because the receptionists were appalling. Rude and unprofessional. Obviously things haven't improved

I've been with them for years and they constantly appal me. They have been known to lose results of medical tests forwarded by the Whittington. They use to do blood tests but the nurse ultimately onfessed she was useless at it and referred me to the Chestnuts. My doctor, who was a senior member of the consultancy, confessed to me that they had a high staff turnover because they simply couldn't afford to pay competetive rates.

They lost my results too!!! Why is this practice still open??!

In defence of Bridge House, I can say that I've been a patient of the practice since before they were at Bridge House. I've been with them since 1989, and my wife has been with them since we were married in 1996. We have found that they provide a good service, although the processes at reception can vary according to who is on duty. I've never had any problems with referrals, results or tests. We have to remember that it is major practice in an area where there are a lot of people who are poorer, older and have many medical problems, so are under a lot of pressure.

As they say YMMV. My wife swears by Dr Haas. I swear at her,

I don't say that. What does it mean ? 

Your Mileage May Vary. Everybody has their own experiences and their own responses. I don't want to get into now an anecdote of how this practice has cost me a considerable amount of money.

Thanks. That's clear 

Dr Haas is no longer there unfortunately.  She was by far my favourite. 

She was lovely, as was her colleague Jonathan who sadly died a few years ago.



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