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Was in the clinic making an appointment earlier.  The receptionist asked what it was for so I replied "women's stuff". She kept asking for more details while another person is stood right next to me filling a form in!

Why on earth does the receptionist need to write-down such details?? 

I said nothing more.

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What did Jonathan do? I don't remember saying a male doctor or nurse there.

That would have been Dr Singer, I think, who retired some years before he died so it's a while ago now.  Dr Hass is still around from time to time, as a locum, and I believe her health is OK now.

Yes, it was Jonathan Singer.  Goodness time flies!

Oh I didn't realise she's left. I hope she's retired and isn't ill again - I think she was off due to illness a few years ago.

Is Jonathon Dr Singer? He was brilliant, especially when my children were babies. 

I've most recently seen Dr Brothers who I think is great.

I certainly had a lot of respect for Dr Singer.

I see a different doctor every time I attend. They certainly seem to have a high turnover.

Fifteen years ago she told me I had only three years left to live.

I have to say Dr Haas was a decent doctor and was probably the only reason I stayed as long as I did. My main issue was with the way it was run, the difficulty with getting appointments, and the general attitude of the reception staff who seemed to enjoy making patients suffer. A lot of practices in London are under a lot of pressure and have too many patients so this is no excuse for the poor standards.

I've been a patient there for 16 years and their processes can be confusing and very frustrating but the Drs have been great with us and our children. Dr Haas can be a bit unusual but she's given me excellent medical care.

I think the receptionist who was very abrupt/rude has left and the 2 I have seen/spoke to recently are really nice.

I always had an excellent experience with the doctors and other medical staff at Bridge House but ended up moving to the Heron practice because of the difficulty of getting an appointment and the sometimes frankly rude behaviour of the front of house staff.  My husband is still a patient at Bridge and has good experiences with some reception staff and terrible with others.  Unfortunately the good ones seems to move on.  Good reception staff can work wonders at a practice and make life a hell of a lot easier for the doctors.

I know  reception staff have an awful lot to deal with especially with so many rude abusive patients. So yes they can be gruff and short at times everywhere, but they do unfairly often get a bad press. They are told to ask patients what they are coming for, to give the Gp an idea, but unfortunately some receptionists take it too literally. However I didn’t like the surgery when I joined in 1996 as I found Dr haas very unprofessional, as I was actually very ill, but she talked to me as a practice nurse about confidential information at the surgery. When actually she should have treated me like a patient. Anyways I quickly moved to the cedar practice whom I love



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